Remortgage means that you change you mortgage lender or get a better deal from your existing
lender. Remortgaging is primarily done for one reason and that is to save money and get a better
mortgage deal. Remortgae deals can be well worth it, saving you thousands of pounds. Some people
will remortgage to raise funds for a house extension, wedding or a big purchase like a car. If you have equity in your house you can take out a new larger mortgage and release money to spend as please. When the interest rates are going up people will remortgage to perhaps buy fixed mortgage deals. And when interest go down people will remortgage to get on the tracker mortgage deals. Remortgage can involve new mortgage fees and early redemption fees for your existing mortgage.  Many lenders are offering pretty competitive remortgage deals specially in the current market conditions. Our mortgage brokers can guide you to choose the best remortgage deals currently available in the market. 

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