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Further Finance Options

For constant increased profits, it is important to keep the business growing. So financing isn’t just for start up or new businesses, but established businesses will come to a time when they need to raise capital for investment back into their business. Whether for expansion or the start a new branch to their business, established businesses have a few options for financing their new business venture.

  • Internal Financing

Since the business is established and has proven its reliability, financing through a lending institution on your existing assets will be a more likely possibility. Although, if you already have debt on your existing assets, you could lose your whole business if this new expansion or business venture doesn’t prove profitable enough to pay for the loan. An option that is the least risky way to finance internally would be to save a portion of your current profits until you have the necessary capital to finance this new venture. If there are any partners or shareholders in the business with you, they must first agree to these terms as their profits will be affected as well. Explanation of the possible increased profits in the future could be of help.

  • External Financing

If your company is already a quoted business on the stock exchange, financing could come from additional shares being sold on the market. Regulations restrict the amount of shares you can issue, so make sure you follow those rules. Also, issuing more shares will have an effect on the value of the existing shares, and should be considered before financing through this route.
Once again, the track record of your business as regularly turning profits will help to finance through banks, business angels or venture capitalists. These loans will also have a significantly lower interest rate than any loan acquired during the start-up period of your business. Venture capitalists need to verify that you are a very solid business. They have very strict rules about who they lend to and tend not to lend to new businesses.

  • Partnership with Other Companies

It may be in your best interest to partner with another company that could offer increased market share or financing. These companies would be most interested in partnering with a company with a new market or idea that could expand their business. Mergers between two smaller businesses could save the lives of them both when financing is short and business is tough.



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