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Business Grants

Business grants are given out by the local, regional, or national governments. Grants are even available from the European Commission. These governments give out grants to businesses for the purpose of benefiting the community and economy. Helping finance business development creates jobs, develops areas, and brings wealth to the certain regions that need it. In order to be successful in attaining one of these grants, you need a well prepared application that explains the benefits your business will bring to the community.

Your Application

             When preparing your application the first thing you need to do is determine what the criteria is for that specific grant. Each grant was created for a specific reason and has a key purpose. For example, it may be to help out a poor region or to develop the industry of farming. Obviously, if your business is not in that region or not in the farming industry, your business would not be eligible for that grant.
            When applying for a grant, finding the grant that is closely related to your purpose and goals gives you the best chance of being selected. Once you find a grant that you wish to obtain, your application needs to help you to shine like a diamond in the rough. Your application will be one paper in the stack of many and you need to have something in your application to make you uniquely fit for that grant.
            Including your detailed budget and financial goals, even when they don’t ask for that information, will make you look like a viable and responsible business. State what benefits your business will bring not only locally but nationally. Educational, employment, and even environmental benefits play a factor and can be something that you contribute. Even if the grant is for a purpose other than some of these benefits, mentioning them will make your application weight heavier in your favor.

Local Grants

The national government disperses money to smaller local governments to help develop new or growing businesses on a local level. These grants are the easiest to achieve since there will be less money involved and less competition for the grant. However, you should still make your application as detailed and helpful as possible. To find out which grants are being offered you should contact your local council and government agencies on a regular basis, as these change frequently. These types of grants are smaller, more specific grants.

Regional or National Grants

These grants are generally broader in their criteria but much harder to obtain since the grants are much larger and there are more businesses that may apply. The applications are generally more work than the local government grants and this is where you really need to shine. Being selected for a national grant could very well set your business up for success.
European Grants

            The application process for these types of grants is tedious. Make sure that before you apply, you are eligible for that grant as the criteria is stricter than for other grants. Usually, these types of grants are for widespread benefit to Europe as a whole, such as agriculture or exporting.




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