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Moving Home Guide

Moving Home Guide
Organization is key when moving to a new home. To minimize stress and evade a mental breakdown, a good plan of action is advised. You never know how much is involved in moving your life from one location to another until you have to do it. So here is a comprehensive guide to help in the chaos of moving.

First off, you need to consider whether you will be doing the moving or whether you will hire a removal company. Things to consider are how many items you have to move, their size, and how much money you are willing to spend.

If you decide to hire a removal company, get a quote from at least three companies and have them write it down on paper so there will be no added and unexpected charges when the moving is done. Your possessions are uniquely important to you so don’t expect every removal company to be caring and considerate of your belongings. Check their reputation and see if they are approved by the British Association of Removers or the National Guild of Removers and Storers. Here are their sites so you can check:

After choosing which company to deal with, inform them of important or fragile items in your home. Request packing materials such as boxes, tape, padding, and packing paper. Reserve your date as early as possible to ensure availability.

 Next thing to do is to scan your belongings for unnecessary things. Do you really need that ugly painting your aunt gave you? How about that old desk in the guest room? After making a pile of things you no longer want, give them away to friends or donate them to charity. With the unnecessary stuff out of the way, it is time to start packing the things you would not use before the day of the move. When packing, you need organization as well. All boxes should contain like items. Label each box with its contents and in which room it belongs. Nothing is worse than searching every box in the house for that one item and not being able to find it.

Anything of extreme financial value should be packed in the car with you accompanying all important documents like birth certificates and passports.

Moving Notice
There are many people you need to notify of the upcoming move. First would be your landlord. Many rental contracts require a month’s advance notice. After that, contact your utility companies which deliver gas, electricity and water to your house, and inform them of your move. Organize a phone line and get a TV license for your new address. Have the mail redirect to your new address. Inform your banks and creditors, and employer about the change of address. Certain government agencies should be informed including the NHS, your council, DVLA, and Inland Revenue about the move too. Milk and paper delivery men should receive a notice as well. For friends and family it is nice to send a short note through the mail. There are cards designed especially to send out when you have moved to inform people of your new address.

Be Polite
Before you leave the house, be considerate of the people who will be moving in after you. Lock all the doors and windows. Write a quick welcome note telling them the ins and outs of the house. For example, when the rubbish is collected, numbers for the milk man and paper delivery, and recycling information. Leave a few take away menus and instructions for the appliances and central heating. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way. If anything you will be talked of well.

When you move into your new house, introduce yourself to the neighbors. Bring over some scones or cookies and invite them for tea. Start the relationship off right. A good neighbor can be a life saver. A bad one can be a nightmare.

Home Sweet Home                       
Make sure your new home has all utilities connected for the day of the move and that all necessities are within reach. A bag of toilet paper, soap, anything you would need to use while unpacking. After you are all done, sit down, relax, look around you and squeal with delight!

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